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These are some comments I picked up on the internet. Being totally none scientific I have tried to condense and make some sense of what this means.
I apologise if it seems nonsensical. As I have tried to spiritualise what it might mean.

Human genome
A group of researchers lead by Prof Sam Chang working on the ”Human Genome Project” will be announcing soon that they made an astonishing scientific discovery. They believe that so called non-coding sequences (97%) in human DNA is no less than a genetic code of an unknown extraterrestrial life form.

The so called “non –coding” sequences is also known as “junk DNA”, which were discovered years ago, and there function remains a mystery. Unlike coded genes (the ones we understand) that carry information and organises our bodily enzymes, proteins and other chemicals. The non coding sequences are never used for any purpose. The information they carry is never read and they appear to have no function at all.

This means we exist on only 3% of our DNA. The junk genes just go for the ride. But what are they, how come they are even there.

Trying to understand the origins they realised they needed to define “What is Junk DNA”, is it really useless and meaningless or does it have information that is not claimed by the rest of the DNA.

Prof Chang enlisted the help of a young Theoretical physicist come computer buff, Dr Lipshultz, a Wall street market data analyst, to see if it would show the sequences on his computer to see if it was junk (Called “white noise”) or did they carry information. To his surprise the coding and non-coding sequences was not all that different and the junk was not junk at all. It was in fact very orderly.

Eventually Prof. Chang enlisted a Dr Adnan Mussaelian a Russian cryptographer and computer programmer, who promptly confirmed that Lipshultz was correct, so decided to investigate the matter further. Adnan s first impression from statistical analysis was that the junk DNA was done by a sloppy programmer and not very well organised.
In a eureka moment he thought, “ may be the non-coding junk DNA was a genetic code written outside of time and space and deposited it in our DNA for us to discover”. What if it was a base code placed there for us to find and then build up our own computer programme code. The thought seemed ridiculous, biologist for years have tried to make junk DNA sequences meaningful and failed.

He decide to experiment with known chemicals feed it into the programme and see what happened.
Eventually he discovered a pattern regarding cancer cells. And that this could not be coincidence, when it came up again three or four times in 200 tests. Further experiments by Prof Chang revealed that there was a possibility of embracing this discovery for future instant healings. His particular concern was cancer. The non- coding DNA was able to unearth a sequence regarding the production of cancer cells which further research could give some answers of how to deal with them.

The conclusions were absolutely amazing.

That the so called Junk DNA was like a computer basic system upgrade. From which the user can then download and adapt it to suit their needs.(Most ordinary people only use a very small fraction of their computers potential, but will be familiar with upgrades).

In other words the so called junk DNA was Basic programme of potential upgrades, which they called the” Big code” system. The” basic code” is the parts of the DNA that we actually use and develop. The astonishing thing was that the upgrades came with the DNA in the first place with creation, and that’s what the so called Junk DNA is.
They have concluded that:-

  • Firstly, the big programme was not written here on earth; that was a now verified fact.
  • Secondly, the genes by themselves are not enough to explain evolution.
  • Thirdly, no creator of a new work would ever leave his work without the option for improvement and an upgrade.

The ingenious here is that the upgrade is already enclosed within our DNA– That the junk DNA is nothing more than hidden and dormant upgrade of our basic code.
The question is, was the basic code a purposeful act when earth was developed in the first place, and can the upgrades be cancelled by a “remote control” whenever desired “Soon or later”.

They have to come to the unbelievable notion that every life on earth carries a genetic code and that evolution is not what we think it is. This discovery may well shake the very roots of humanity – our beliefs in our concept of God and in our own power over our destiny. With the right paradigm we may discover one day that all forms of life and the whole universe is just one huge intellectual exercise in thought expressed mathematically, by design, by a Creator.

This has immense repercussions for believers. That some of the major developments in scripture could be simply be the fact that God just flipped a switch and removed a few upgrades. Or put it another way downgraded the programme, Hence earth is going backwards, as creation presents itself and not going forwards as evolution suggests.

Believers need to realise that in the beginning mans DNA was pure and perfect.

For example when Adam sinned and fell from his position into a three dimensional world God just turned off the upgrade (in other words he downgraded the “Big Code”programme), similarly, with Noah and the flood, the tower of Babel.

When it suited God, with the arrival of the Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus just bought into the upgrades and did miraculous things, culminating with the resurrection, and the day of Pentecost.

As the church therefore, through whatever reason, accidentally or through lack of faith forgotten how to tap into the lost upgrades and will the end times be the time when the church finally realises the upgrades are there and wake up to what is happening.

May be the end times the church will be like the two witnesses (Jew and gentile) and be indestructible and restore all that has been lost.

For further notes and scriptures see “How to change your DNA”

(Trumpetsound – January 2014.)

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