By Angel E

Panic Attacks:
Spirits of: A spirit of fear (as in stress and anxiety) causing a rush of ACTH into the blood stream; fear of abandonment; fear of rejection; fear of the future; lack of identity; spirits of oppression and heaviness; spirits of occultism. Any number of these spiritual root issues may be generational iniquities, meaning that the same spiritual root issues were present in the father or mother or grandparents even though they might not have had the disease. After ministering, pray a prayer for healing. We encourage you to consider speaking healing in the name of Jesus to the tissue, organ or body part that is in need of healing. Also, command the body to come back into balance and to function as God intended from the foundation of the world. If a creative miracle is needed, call it forth in the name of Jesus. Please remember that our prayers for healing should not be spoken as a mantra or as a legalistic prayer. Our Father God knows what we need before we ask. We trust that God will meet you thru this process.

Dehydrative Degenerative Changes in Disk:
Spirits of: generational personality of addiction, pharmakeia and drunkenness; need to be loved; fear (as in stress and anxiety); anger and rage; self-conflict; occultism; spirit of pain (chronic pain)

High Blood Pressure:
Spirits of: fear (as in stress and anxiety); fear of tomorrow; projecting fear into the future; anger against self, others and/or God.

High Cholesterol:
Spirits of: generational self-anger (these people are very angry with themselves), self-mutilation, self-bitterness, self-rejection, self-hatred, and guilt; fear; spirits of death and destruction. Speak Healing or a Creative Miracle to the following: · Speak a creative miracle to any genetic mutations. · Speak healing to the hypothalamus, amygdala and limbic system to be healed. · Speak healing for normal blood levels and receptor cells for LDL and HDL. · Speak healing for normal number of receptor cells for cholesterol in the liver. · Speak healing for a normal balance of all hormones, especially, thyroid hormones, and estrogen in women and testosterone in men . · Pray that the lipoproteins will be broken down. · Speak healing for the reduction of total cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipids and protein. · Speak healing for normal levels of C-reactive protein and cardiac enzymes return to normal · Speak healing to normalize homocysteine levels in the blood. · Speak healing to strengthen the immune system and command the macrophages to stop attacking the lining of the blood vessels. · Speak healing to all inflammation in the blood vessels to be ceased and for all fatty deposits to be dissolved. · Speak healing to the liver and normal synthesis of lipoproteins and cholesterol and for liver enzymes to return to normal.

​Insomnia :
​Spirits of: fear (as in stress and anxiety); spirits that might have gained access as a result of lack of nurturing; torment from victimization. Pharmakia from sleeping meds Speak Healing or a Creative Miracle to the following: · Speak healing to the hypothalamus and limbic system and any fear programming to be broken. · Speak healing to the hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenal axis. · Speak healing to balance all hormones especially CRH, ACTH, cortisol, adrenaline, estrogen and serotonin. · Speak healing to the suprachiasmatic nuclei our body clock and for the body’s circadian rhythms to return to normal. · Speak healing to the pineal gland and for normal production of melatonin. · Speak healing to the autonomic nervous system and for there to be no abnormal nerve transmission affecting the endocrine system. · Speak healing for a normal balance of acetylcholine and healing to the acetylcholine receptors. · Speak healing to normalize REM sleep. · Speak healing, blessing, and peace over them.

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