But we have renounced the things hidden because of SHAME, not walking in craftiness or adulterating the word of God, but by manifestation of truth com- mending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. (II Cor 4:2)


GUILT is the result of violating our conscience. It comes from doing something we believe to be wrong by breaking specific rules or guidelines.
SHAME is the result of not meeting the expectation or approval of others, or by being looked down upon by others.


Words, phrases, statements, and jokes
Abuse — physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual
Unmet Needs — spiritual, emotional, and physical
Past mistakes and failures
Comparing ourselves with societies standards.


Produces a false identity, Reenacts itself, Lacks boundaries,
Lacks ability to accept compliments, Develops into addictive behavior,
Shames others, Causes passivity, Chooses death


Describe on one of the most shaming events in your life and how it has affected you.


1. Repent of our unbelief for continuing to carry the shame and for not living in the provisions that are in Christ.
2. Give the shame back to Satan, “the accuser of the brethern” and accept God’s grace and covering through Jesus Christ who bore our shame.
3. Give the responsibility back to the person through whom the shame came and fully forgive them and release them from bitter judgments.
4. Reclaim the blessings and purposes of God for your life which were interupted and sabataged by Satan.
5. Begin to express gratitude to God for how He is going to turn the shame into transparency and joy for His glory and for your profit.
6. Stir up the gift of God within you by calling to memory His blessings on and through you.
7. Become a part of an extended family (local church) who can mirrior back to you God’s love and grace.

​By Rev. Don Crossland, Journey Toward Wholeness Ministries, 1994.

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